Jewellery has to reflect the personality of the artist; its powerful and unique radiance must be compelling and underline the charisma of the wearer. As a jewellery designer and gallery owner, I am always on the look-out for jewellery artists who meet this standard and whose work is innovative and contains this range of tension while having the courage to explore new territory.

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1955 born in Karlsruhe, 1976-82 Studies at the Fachhochschule für Gestaltung (design academy), Pforzheim, 1982 Rotary Scholarship, 1983-84 Fulbright Scholarship, USA Postgraduate Studies at San Diego State University, California, 1984-85 Teaching assignment for art and design at San Diego State University, California, 1988-96 Gallery and workshop in Munich, seit 1997 Isabella Hund, Gallery for Contemporary Jewellery, Frauenplatz 13, entrance Schäfflerstraße, 80331 Munich


1983 Stuttgart, Kunstakademie, Hamburg, “Koppel 66”, 1984 San Diego, USA, South Western College Gallery, San Francisco, USA, Crafts Museum, San Diego, USA, Imperial Bank Tower, 1985 Emporia, USA, State University, Pforzheim, Schmuckmuseum, 1988 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Galerie Parterre,
1989 Hamburg, Galerie Hilde Leiss, Nijmegen, Holland, Galerie Marzée, Düsseldorf, Galerie AND,
1990 Frankfurt, Museum für Kunsthandwerk, Munich, Stadtmuseum, 1991 Cologne, Stadtmuseum,
1992 Munich, Bayerische Versicherungskammer, 1993 Munich, Stadtmuseum, 1994 Galerie Tiller, Vienna, 1995 Aalborg, Denmark, Nordjylland, Kunstmuseum, 1999 Hamburg, Galerie Hilde Leiss


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